This is why Millennials are leaving the church ...


This is why millennials don't go to church...

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Family my prayer is that this message finds you well. I'll be very prompt for two reasons. One being I actually don't like reading drawn out articles with captivating titles like this. The second is because the answer is relatively simple. 


I've recently crossed paths with a handful of articles and videos that explicitly outline reasons "why young folks are leaving the church." I will not even begin to try and explain those reasons, some actually don't make sense to me but I will help to solve what seems to be a vastly growing issue in the church. 

Years ago my brother and I conversed about our "coming to Christ moments" specifically things that were pivotal for our actual turnaround and commitment to the faith. Throughout the conversation we touched on how influential music was in our lives, it was a necessity. We loved music but what we listened to was not good for us. I specifically remember Ryan saying "aye shawty, I needed that 808" in a seriously joking  manner. We shared a laughed but that moment stuck with me. I have to admit I had initially thought it was Gospel rap was corny but I'd also never tried it for myself. We got back on the topic somehow the other day very briefly and he said  "Yeah, Canton Jones helped me to get saved!" We shared another laugh but it was yet again another serious moment. 

Hang in there I'm almost done...

Here's the point. If you want millennials to stay in church we have to meet them where they are, it's that simple. Their desire to hang out, have fun with friends, laugh, crack jokes, and even "party" can be fulfilled within the church, but the opportunity has to be there for them. They have needs just as you have needs. Their needs will be fulfilled either by the church or the world. You don't have to change or water down the gospel, in fact that will more than likely work against you, you just gotta "put it where they can reach" as my bishop says. God's word will change their heart just as it did for everyone else, it still has power!

This past month I had the very fine pleasure of hanging out with the  "Stay Lit Crew" at Fresh Start Church in Glen Burnie, MD. It was truly an amazing experience. Their was laughter, fellowship and powerful message delivered in a way each person could understand. I encourage all young people ages 14-24 to attend their "Lit for Life" sessions. We are going to continue to highlight other young adult groups around the country, the world needs to see. Jesus says he comes to give us an abundant life, not dull, boring and dry as the world perceives the christian life to be. If you want your group to be featured contact us, we will come to any event you have going on. Follow us on social media so you can stay in the loop with young adult events! 

Family, we can count this as an insignificant matter, it's very serious . As believers we are to be fishers of men. Always remember, there is different bait for different fish! 


Grace, Peace & a Bottle of Hair Grease,

Jordan Green-Ellis