God WANTS you to have SEX!!!

Unashamed TV Episode/Blog #1: God WANTS you to have SEX!

To the avid followers of Unashamed Apparel and believers all around; peace be unto you, LOL! Was that not hilarious? Ok sorry, but on a serious note I truly hope that your are in a peaceful state. Ok, let's get into it!


SEX, SEX, SEX! This matter is among many of the "taboo" topics in which the general population of the modern day church either skips over OR sweeps under the rug. God WANTS YOU TO HAVE SEX and the bible says confirms it, so why isn't this a topic of discussion in the church?


If you know God than you know one of his most prevalent characteristics is Sovereignty, he is the supreme ruler of the universe. His thoughts and ways are truly far above ours. In fact i'll go on a limb and say if we as humans were on his level he WOULD NOT be worth serving! Our faith is (should be) predicated on his sovereign reign over ALL things, including sex. He created both man and woman alike and instructed them to "be fruitful & multiply."(Gen. 1:28) but he also designed sex to be extremely pleasurable for both parties! A human being’s anatomical make-up is very complex. Needless to say, the male and female sex organs are among the most sensitive in the entire body and the only organs that can produce a climax of sexual excitement. During and following sexual stimulation there are a few commonly overlooked factors that come into play which leads to some of the reasons why I believe God puts boundaries around sex.


Based on scripture, we know that one of the purposes for the creation of sex was to procreate so you run the risk of creating another human being while having sex. We also know that we’re able to contract disease through sexual intercourse some of which are considered incurable and others that subside at times but never fully go away, but what about those subconscious pieces that come into play?  We’ve all got that one church mother who has ordained herself as the “purity police” (knowing good and well she wasn’t nobody’s pure). If not the church mother I’m sure that you have in some way been persuaded  to abstain because "you'll get too attached" or “make things complicated” or “cloud your vision”. Through my experiences these subconscious factors have ALL proven to be true and the most detrimental. Pre-marital sex has taken me down paths that would’ve been avoided if I had been obedient and done it God’s way. I believe that my premature exposure to sex made me extremely vulnerable to females who I had ABSOLUTELY no business with. My impulsiveness made me numb to God’s greater plan and furthermore caused tons of unnecessary internal struggle for myself and a handful of other females. Sex made me sucker to females who did not have a genuine interest in my well being and vice versa. Fella’s we often get the short end of the stick when it comes to this matter. Believe it or not YOU ARE GIVING YOURSELF AWAY AS WELL. Most women are as sexually driven as we are, they are just better at being more discreet.(My opinion, don’t throw me off a cliff) Oh then there was this one time I thought I got a girl pregnant. That experience was less than enjoyable to say the least because that is something I desire to experience one day with my future wife. These warnings about the subconscious effects of sex are also are believed as truth in science as well. Oxytocin (not Oxycontin) is a hormone that is released following an orgasm, which is believed to contribute to feelings of intimacy, closeness and TRUST!


I think we've established that God wants us to have sex, AND enjoy having it BUT he wants it done his way which is where the problem lies for believers. God confines sex to male and female couples who are MARRIED. The apostle Paul's 1st letter to the church at Corinth gives us explicit (no pun intended) instructions on "sex God's way". He says " ... each man should have sexual relations with his own wife, and each woman with her own husband. The husband should FULFILL HIS MARITAL DUTY  to his wife, AND LIKEWISE the wife to her husband."(1 Cor. 7:2-3) But wait, there’s more! He continues on to say God's way includes yielding your body to your spouse, and that we should NOT DEPRIVE OUR SPOUSES FROM SEXUAL RELATIONS! (1 Cor. 7:4-5) Sex within the confounds of marriage allows us to experience all of what he intended it to be. It was designed for us to multiply and for us to DEEPLY connect with our marital spouse. Sex outside of the confounds of marriage ALWAYS creates unnecessary affliction. We run the risk of bringing babies into broken situations, contracting sexually transmitted diseases, and potentially creating soul ties with individuals who may not have our best interest at heart.




I believe the most important aspect of spiritual growth is making our “teachings” practical AND actually applying them to our everyday life. If you have not already figured it out, I am not a virgin. I am also not married but I do aspire to be one day. My girlfriend and I practice abstinence & celibacy! (Abstinence for her/Celibacy for me) Can I tell you that when we had begun dating that was one of my greatest struggles. Although she has never experienced sexual intercourse, she still has sexual desires. So here is my practical proposal for you all to be able to abstain from sex until God’s appointed time!

  • ASK FOR HELP: Before we got together, we realized we were fully incapable of abstaining from sex without the power of God, so we asked and the Lord has sustained us. “If you draw nigh unto him, he will draw nigh unto you!” Ask God for help and he will help you! Take a look at the good book every once and awhile too. There are numerous examples of how God provides the needs of his people. He’s the SAME GOD yall, he will do it for you as well.


  • AVOID STICKY SITUATIONS: It sounds so simple right? This was the hardest part for me for a few reasons. My lifestyle before I truly strove to live christlike was what I had been used to and I had to change it to avoid sticky situations. I am a bit of an “Old Soul”, and I couldn't continue to do the things I had done “for fun” anymore so we often just hang out, together…. alone. We quickly realised that was not going to be good for the goal we had set for ourselves. The lack of self control is the main reason the Lord makes sex exclusive to married men and women. If you get this next part you will be golden, DON’T TRY TO FIGHT LUST OF THE FLESH! The Apostle Paul also instructs us in his first letter to the church at Corinth to “flee” (1 Cor. 6:18) which tells us we should not tempt ourselves with sexual activities and even sexual gestures because you run the risk of running into a sexual situation. You HAVE to find alternatives in order to be successful. For example, as opposed to hanging out in a private area, go to the park and hang out! You can do it, I believe in you!


  • FIND AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER: This can also be a very challenging task! I can literally count on two hands people I know personally who are close in age and living for Christ, it gets lonely sometimes and more often than not your “close” friends aren’t  what you need to get right with the Lord, that’s the harsh reality of living for Christ. I have been blessed to have an accountability partner in the same house as me, it’s my biological brother. Choosing an accountability partner is very crucial so choose with wisdom.


    Family, my prayer is that this message has touched your heart and intrigued your thoughts in some way. If so, let me know, I’d love to hear from you! If I can do it, than you can as well. Remember to love today, tomorrow, and the next like Jesus did; unconditionally!


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